The Carbon Containment Lab designs, tests, and develops novel methods of atmospheric carbon reduction and containment.

What We Are Doing
  • The Need for Carbon Containment

    To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to reduce industrial emissions and scale carbon removal immediately. Our projects focus on methods of greenhouse gas capture, storage, and abatement that are low-cost, quantifiable, and durable.

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  • Short- and Long-Term Impact

    We set ambitious short- and long-term goals. These push us to work on both early-stage R&D -- conducting and accelerating fundamental scientific research for novel containment methods -- and the immediate implementation of existing technologies, with a particular focus on short-lived climate forcers like methane and F-gases.

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  • Recent Updates from the CC Lab

    Read recent project updates and developments, including notes from the field, research reviews, and reports.

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