Enabling Market Development

Active and growing markets are needed to advance carbon containment at scale. Voluntary and compliance carbon credit markets will eventually be critical sources for financing and deploying carbon containment solutions.

We contribute to market development through measuring and validating novel and neglected carbon containment methods; contributing to the evolution of carbon credit markets; and engaging market actors to understand their needs and build market acceptance of carbon containment methods.

Measurement and Validation

We are building screening-level assessment tools and building measurement approaches to assess the potential outcomes of carbon containment methods and projects. We variously use life cycle environmental assessments, mass balance, environmental impacts, techno-economic analysis, economic and social cost benefit analysis. We also seek to measure and attribute our own impact and contributions, tracked progress towards our goals.

Contributing to the Evolution of Carbon Credit Markets

We support the Yale Carbon Offsets Program, creating a strategy, selection criteria and due diligence procedure to select and purchase credible carbon offsets to meet University climate goals. We also built a database of standard offsets methodologies worldwide, and regularly comment on draft carbon offset criteria.

Engaging Entrepreneurs, Providers of Financial Capital and Buyers of Carbon Credits

We work with entrepreneurs to help de-risk projects, refine business models, understand unit economics of proposed containment systems, and to connect them with relevant resources, including financial capital and the unique network of Yale University.

We also engage large buyers of carbon credits to and providers of financial capital to understand their needs and interests in emerging technologies and approaches.