Matt Donegan

Matt Donegan


Matt Donegan has nearly three decades of global experience in all aspects of industrial-scale forestland investment and management. He was most recently cofounder and copresident of Forest Capital Partners, which grew to become one of the world’s largest forest investments firms and a recognized leader in financial and environmental performance.

Matt’s extensive public policy experience includes board positions with the National Alliance of Forest Owners (founding chair) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the National Council of the National Park Conservation Association.

Matt has also held senior government positions in his home state of Oregon. He is currently the founding chair of the Governor’s Wildfire Response Council, overseeing the work of state and federal agencies, and more than 100 experts, to devise the state’s comprehensive wildfire strategy. He previously served as chair of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, founding director of the Oregon Education Investment Board, founding commissioner of the Oregon Global Warming Commission, and founding member of the Oregon Innovation Council. 

Matt is a frequent speaker, and provides testimony, on sustainable resource management, conservation finance and public policy.  He has guest lectured at numerous universities including Yale, Northwestern, Reed College, Lewis & Clark, and Oregon State University.  Matt holds degrees from the University of Florida (BS, Forestry) and University of Tennessee (MBA, Forest Industries Management).