CC Lab interns come to the Lab from across Yale and from across academic disciplines. They are flexible, creative thinkers able to investigate, interpret and communicate data, science, and trends across a number of fields related to the CC Lab’s work.

If you’re interested in an internship at the CC Lab during the academic year or summer, please check our opportunities page, the Yale Student Employment website, or reach out to us at

Past Interns

Adam Houston, Master of Environmental Management ‘21
Radhika Sundaresan, Master of Environmental Management ‘21
Harrison Gill, Chemical Engineering ‘22
Grace Callander, Chemical Engineering ‘20
Fiona Kurylowicz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ‘20
Aditi Shetty, Applied Mathematics ‘21
Wanjiku Mwangi,  Environmental Engineering & African Studies ‘22
Skakel McCooey, History ‘22
Chiara Chung-Halpern, Earth and Planetary Sciences ‘21
Sophie Latham, Environmental Studies ‘21
Victoria Dombrowik, Environmental Studies ‘21
Nick Dahl, Statistics and Data Science ’21
Oliver Leitner, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry ’22
Charlie Mayhew, History & Physics ‘22
David Landolfi, Chemistry & History ‘22
Diego Meucci, Environmental Studies ‘22
Tracy Zhou, Economics and Mathematics ‘23
Maddie Bartels, Earth and Planetary Sciences ‘24
Lexie Gardner, Environmental Engineering & Earth and Planetary Sciences ‘23
Emma Levin, Climate Science & Applied Mathematics ‘23
Andrew Dabrah, Chemical Engineering ‘24

Alexandra Griffith, Environmental Engineering ‘23

Alec Wallace, Environmental Engineering ‘22