CC Lab interns come to the Lab from across Yale and from across academic disciplines. They are flexible, creative thinkers able to investigate, interpret and communicate data, science, and trends across a number of fields related to the CC Lab’s work.

If you’re interested in an internship at the CC Lab during the academic year or summer, please check our opportunities page, the Yale Student Employment website, or reach out to us at

Current Interns

Alec Wallace is a senior at Yale College studying Environmental Engineering. From the Bay Area, his interests in climate change started with his exposure to California wildfires, and he joined the CC Lab with the hope of contributing to the reduction of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Outside of the lab, he works in Project Bright trying to solarize local food trucks. He’s a member of the Yale Climbing Team and works at the Squiche. Alec’s hobbies include animation, screenwriting, and playing instruments.

Alexandra Griffith is a junior at Yale College majoring in Environmental Engineering and pursuing a certificate in Energy Studies. As a proud West Virginian, Alexandra feels grateful to represent her state in environmental science spaces. She hopes to bring her personal experiences and education together to work towards an equitable energy transition in Appalachia. At Yale, Alexandra plays euphonium in the Yale Concert Band, is a member of the Rural Student Alliance, and has previously served as a City Fellow in the Yale College Democrats. Outside of her studies, Alexandra enjoys hiking, doing puzzles, and watching movies with her suitemates in Benjamin Franklin College.

Andrew Dabrah is a sophomore at Yale College pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Certificate in Energy Studies. From Accra, Ghana, Andrew has also lived in Nigeria and Kenya. He is interested in tackling global problems and hopes to do so through his contributions to the Carbon Containment Lab. Outside of class, Andrew is a member of the Yale Student Energy Association, Scholars of Finance, and is the Treasurer of the Yale African Students Association.

Emma Levin is rising junior at Yale College in Benjamin Franklin College. She is from Port Washington, New York. Emma is interested in studying climate science, applied math, and energy studies. Growing up in a coastal town taught her about the implications of climate change, including extreme weather and rising sea levels, and sparked her interest in climate science. At Yale, she is also a research assistant for the University’s Carbon Offset Program and a Hahn Scholar conducting research in the School of the Environment. Emma loves to take long walks in New Haven and prides herself on being a map enthusiast.

Lexie Gardner is a junior from Telluride, Colorado double majoring in Environmental Engineering and Earth and Planetary Sciences. Growing up in a mountain community, the outdoors have always been a central part of Lexie’s life and have fostered her interests in climate change solutions and their intersection with social issues. Outside of classes, Lexie is a college advisor with Matriculate, a member of GREEN, and an undergraduate researcher in the Gentner Lab, where her research focuses on finding the source of high levels of volatile organic compound emissions from the Athabasca Oil Sands Region in Canada. In her free time, Lexie enjoys exploring New Haven’s many parks and coffee shops.

Maddie Bartels is a rising junior from Carlsbad, California majoring in Earth and Planetary Sciences and pursuing a certificate in Energy Studies.  Her interest in the intersection of earth sciences, carbon capture, and renewable energy was sparked during a four-month travel venture around the Mountain West working on small farms and ranches.  After learning about the ways in which energy access and climate change affect rural farming and ranching practices, Maddie is now eager to work with the CC Lab to address interdisciplinary environmental and social issues.  At Yale, Maddie is a research assistant at the Yale Metal Geochemistry Center, a leader in Christian Union Lux, and a member of the Yale International Relations Association, and club gymnastics team.  In her free time, Maddie can be found hiking, sampling vegan desserts at Claire’s Corner Copia, reading on the Trumbull College hammock, or drinking tea with friends around campus.

Sam Panner is a senior at Yale College from Bethesda, Maryland majoring in Mathematics. He spent the 2020-21 academic year away from Yale, working for the Smart Surfaces Coalition and doing research on electric vehicles in Massachusetts, his first forays into environmental science and sustainability. At the CC Lab, Sam hopes to make a concrete impact working to slow climate change, while also learning more about the environmental field and where he fits into it. He is eager to develop his interest in environmental data analysis and visualization. Outside of the Lab, Sam spends a lot of his time playing music with friends, walking briskly, and eating yogurt for breakfast. 

Sarah Moon is a junior at Yale College pursuing a joint major in Economics and Mathematics. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, with its worsening wildfires and droughts, exposed her to the importance of combating climate change. She is interested in applying data analysis and economic skills to real-world problems requiring interdisciplinary solutions. Sarah plays the flute for the Davenport Pops Orchestra, and in her free time can often be found solving puzzles, including nonograms, the New York Times mini crossword, and jigsaw puzzles.

Tilden Chao is a junior at Yale College from Ithaca, New York, majoring in economics and pursuing a certificate in Energy Studies. Tilden grew up in a birdwatching family and fell in love with environmental protection during trips to sanctuaries and field stations. At the CC Lab, Tilden primarily works to develop strategies to phase down fluorinated refrigerant gases, super-pollutants thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide. He directs the Yale Refrigerants Initiative, the student group working to implement refrigerant management solutions on campus. Beyond school and refrigerants, Tilden loves backpacking, tossing baseballs around with friends, and playing the saxophone.

Toby is a first-year student at Yale School of Management, where he is pursuing his interest in the intersection of the economy and sustainability. He is a 2016 graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where he studied Economics and Global Environmental Change in Sustainability. Before SOM, Toby worked for four years in data operations for a financial manager in Washington, D.C. where he led the firm’s Cleantech Benchmark. This program analyzed investment-level returns to investments across the cleantech space, and coordinated the firm’s ESG due diligence of more than 400 private investment managers. In his free time, Toby enjoys playing softball, kayaking, and learning to surf.